Monday, November 19, 2012

GORMAN's "Ahtamahed"

We are proud to announce GORMAN's newest album Ahtamahed!

Here's what GORMAN has to say:

“Back when I was a kid my mom used to play Luther Vandross every morning when she’d vacuum the house/ After a while I knew every word to the “Power of Love”/ In the evenings we’d sit around listening to Paul Simon’s Graceland during dinner, my dad’s choice/ The smooth sounds of Ladysmith Black Mambazo went perfectly with beef stew and potatoes/ As the the youngest of four, I was at the whim of my oldest sister/ She would drive me around in her 1984 Dodge Shadow, stopping off at flea markets, making Super 8 film and listening to tapes of unknown punks squeaking and sqwaking into their four tracks/ For a short while my sister would release some of these obscure albums on her small homemade record label and I’d watch her make album covers and dub tapes/ Little did I know years later all these sounds would coalesce into an album called Ahtamahed/”